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sailboat rental

You are one click away from renting a boat, an experience that you will always remember, you can navigate Ibiza per day week; with friends, family or give yourself  one romantic night, you can celebrate your end of course orfarewells tosingleness 


With our service All inclusive,you ensure a clear rate and no surprises




paddle surf board,

Snorkel equipment of various sizes so that everyone can see the marine fauna.
Speakers, WiFi to listen to your favorite music,

Your courtesy drink and even a bottle of champagne!

We have several routes according to your preferences, if you book in time you will ensure the best promotions of the season.

We manageReservations in the most popular restaurants and exclusive  from Ibiza and Formentera, with transfer service included, but if you prefer;you can bring your own food and drink or cook on board (only services of more than 2 days on board) 

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