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We are a family company that knows that it has The Best Job in the World whose only objective is to make people HAPPY.


TANGO was born by the hand of its Captain, Gustavo Melis, passionate about sailing, with more than 20 years of experience navigating the different seas and rivers of the world; this passion was inherited by his children and has become a family activity.

With this trajectory and passion he starts TANGO YACHT, with the aim of sailing, teaching and enjoying the sea, trying to transmit the love for sailing, nature in the most incredible settings.

We will more than meet your expectations... the memories will be unforgettable.

Our crew is the most important value, since it takes care of and cares about the clients on board and outboard, being attentive to their needs and safety, so that the environment is relaxing and enjoyable.

Our Sailboats are also prepared to give you comfort and quality during your stay, with everything you need and more so that every minute is unforgettable.

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Our team

Only good things can come from mixing relaxation and fun.

Unforgettable moments for people incredible.

(+34) 622 52 71 53
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